Surgical video library updated:

Hi. I’ve added some more videos to my library at VIMEO.COM .

  • “Necklace Suture” for Trabeculectomy. Using a silk suture to string-up pledgets/sponges soaked in Mitomycin allows them to be placed more posteriorly without fear of losing them. This facilitates improved posterior drainage and is much safer than conventional methods of placing them under the conjunctiva and rely on visually finding them 3 minutes later.  Presented at the World Glaucoma Congress, 2011, Paris. 


  • Constrictor knot for tube surgery. A nautical knot allowing adjustment of tube ligation according to flow. Can be tightened or released once tied. VERY useful for baerveldt tube flow regulation to prevent early hypotony. Again, presented at World Glaucoma Congress, 2011.


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