When your eye pressure is not adequately controlled or your glaucoma is still progressing despite eye drops you may be offered surgery to control your glaucoma.

Laser (SLT) and iStent fill a “middle ground” between eye drops and conventional surgery. They most definitely have their advantages and place in glaucoma treatment but sometimes a very low eye pressure if required to achieve control of the disease. Very low eye pressure (low teens or below)   can only be achieved with surgery that moves fluid from within the eye to under the conjunctiva (clear “skin” around the eye). Such “penetrating” surgery is the Gold Standard of glaucoma operations. These operations do carry slightly higher risks than iStent and SLT laser but these techniques have evolved and been refined for more than 30 years. Modern surgery is very safe and Mr Lindfield is Fellowship trained in Trabeculectomy & Tube Surgery at two world renowned units, St Thomas’ and Kings College Hospital, London.

Mr Lindfield is experienced in both techniques with excellent surgical success rates, complication rates. He has won national and international surgical prizes for technique modifications and developments in glaucoma surgery safety

  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists Video Prize 2014 for “Trabeculectomy bleb dysaesthesia – how to prevent and how to manage”
  • International Congress on Glaucoma Surgery Video Prize 2014 for “the pull through suture – facilitating watertight anterior chamber entry for tube surgery”    https://vimeo.com/117204847 


Tube Surgery