“I have been told that I have glaucoma (or I am at risk of developing glaucoma) but what is it ?”

Glaucoma Image

Glaucoma is a disease process where the optic nerve (the main “pipe” carrying visual signals from the eye to the brain) is progressively damaged.

It is usually caused by elevated pressure inside the eye (“intraocular pressure” or “IOP”). Rarely, glaucoma can develop despite a perceived normal eye pressure but this is usually due to the influence of other factors.

This excellent video from the National Eye Institute, NIH (USA) explains glaucoma very effectively


Glaucoma Monitoring brief description


Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) :

SLT can allow safe and effective reduction in eye pressure and offer an alternative to long term eye drops to control your disease.

 – Reduce the number of (or stop) your glaucoma eye drops
 – Allow better control of your uncontrolled eye pressure without needing additional drops or surgery
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Safer, Earlier Glaucoma Surgery brief description

C50 Trab scleral flap

Conventional Glaucoma Surgery: Trabeculectomy & Tube Surgery: brief description